Welcome to Caperno! We’re glad you’re here! Caperno arose out of a fintech product built by founder, Emily Balogh. After a large bank client took their processes in-house, we pivoted to making Caperno work for any company in any industry that needs data entry. In other words, virtually every company in every industry.

We are passionate about delivering tools to help people be more effective, relieve stress, and create more time in the day so that people can do the work that really matters.

Based in Minneapolis and woman-owned, we are not “BIG TECH.” We’re mighty and effective little tech. Let us show you how we can help you get more out of your day.

At Caperno, we are committed to your success. You need data to be more accessible, efficiently and cost-effectively obtained, and accurate. We can help you get there. Our company exists to reliably and efficiently help you tell better stories, serve your customers more quickly, and cut costs.