Caperno is the solution for any organization that relies on data entry. Whether it's retrieving data from patient forms, student records, surveys, verifications, invoices, applications or legal documents, Caperno eliminates data entry, allowing your team to focus on more important business objectives.

Using sophisticated matching algorithms, Caperno reads information, including handwritten data, from your documents and create data sets that you can use to input into a database or to populate other documents for compliance.

With Caperno, data retrieval is virtually instantaneous. Rather than having to wait for your data entry team to sift through piles of documents, enter data and re-check that the data was entered correctly, Caperno allows your team to load documents into our system and check them once, thereby eliminating two time-consuming and expensive steps from your process.

  1. Stack paper documents in a pile and scan.
  2. Our  platform extracts textwritten or typewritten text.
  3. Review the extracted data.
  4. Export to structured data or automatically integrate with your software application.